Political Marketing and Advisory

Engaging in communications in the political and public affairs space require unique expertise. W&R offers electoral aspirants; political parties and public sector organizations engaged in political branding, expert political marketing services to succeed in the public sphere.

Political Sentiment Analytics

Harnessing the power of data science, W&R offers political sentiment indexes and analyses mined from cyberspace in order for companies, electoral aspirants and government agencies to understand how their respective publics view and react to their brand, programs and policies.

Public Policy Advisory

We help public sector institutions including national and local government bureaucracies, international development organizations, elected officers and electoral aspirants solve their most pressing public policy problems.

Political Risk Management

Businesses are embedded in politics. The uncertainties in political events, decisions and structures beset all markets and companies. To harness opportunities and avoid the threats, companies need to know, understand, asses and manage political risks.